Supplier Members

Supplier members are comprised of individuals or organizations actively engaged in  the business of supplying either goods or  services to cemeteries in Massachusetts.


Our members are manufacturers or distributors of equipment, materials, and supplies to the cemetery, landscape maintenance or death care industry.

A supplier show is held once a year, typically the third week of September.   Our attendees include over 150 cemeterians that spend time learning about your products and services face to face. It offers the supplier members a chance to network with potential clients allowing connections to be made. We strongly suggest to our cemetery members that the should support our suppliers and utilize them when purchasing equipment and services for their cemeteries.

New/Returning Supplier Membership Application


Listed below are the Supplier Members

146 Supply Center
Ahearn Equipment
At Leisure Contractor Licensing
Atlantis International
B.M.C. Corporation
Bartlett Consolidated
Boston Computer Scanning
BSC Companies
C.N. Wood, Company
Case of New England (Sunbelt Rentals)
Cavicchio Greenhouses
Cemetery Helpful Solutions
Chadwick BaRoss, Inc.
Cleaves Company
Cooperative Funeral Fund
Creter Vault
Davey Tree Expert Company
Gravoc Associates
Grever & Ward
Hardy Doric
Holland Supply
Karin Sprague Stone Carvers, Inc.
KMI Columbaria
Lovell Landscaper Services, Inc.
Mackenzie Vault
Mahoney’s Nursery
Mathias Paving
Mayer Tree Service
Means Pre-Cast, Inc.
Morgan & Morgan
Muni-Tech, Inc.
New England Cremation Supply
Norfolk Power Equipment
North Shore Burial Vault
Northeast Nursery
Norwalk Vault/Kryprotek
Pontem Software (Resource Info Asso)
Richey & Clapper
Sylvan Nursery
Vantage Products
Watertown Engineering
Welch Welding & Truck Equipment